1. What is the wish of the poet Walt Whitman?

Ans:- The poet Walt Whitman wishes to turn and live with the animals.

2. What are the qualities possessed by the animals?

OR What qualities of animals impressed the poet deeply?

OR What quality of animals mesmerizes the poet?

Ans:- The animals are peaceful and self-contained. They are not burdened with cares and they never repent and weep for their sins. These are the impressive qualities that animal possessed.

3. What do animals not do for their sins?

Ans:- Animals do not repent and weep for their sins.

  1. For what do the animals not demented?

Ans:- Animals are self-contained. They are not demented with insatiable greed of owning things.

  1. What do animals bring to the poet?

Ans:- Animals bring to the poet the signs of his animal ancestry which are the tokens of love, affection,  sympathy, kindness etc.

  1. Why does the poet Walt Whitman feel more at home with animals?

Ans:- According to the poet, the animals are peaceful and self-contained. There is equality in the animal community. So he feels more at home with animals.

7. How do animals act about their conditions, sins and duty to God?

Ans:- The animals do not cry about their condition. They do not have sleepless nights ruing their sinful actions. Animals also do not talk about their duties towards God.

  1. How are animals superior to a human being?

Ans:- The world of animals is filled with several virtues like placid, satisfaction, simplicity, contentment, individuality, innocence etc that have been gradually lost by human beings. Thus animals are superior to a human being.

  1. What are the tokens that the poet says he may have dropped long ago?

Ans:- The Tokens are qualities like love, affection, kindness, sympathy, self-satisfaction which human beings once had. But with the passage of time man has lost those virtues.

  1. Mention three things that humans do and animals don’t.

Ans:- Three things that humans do and animals do not are – whine about their condition, lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins, bow down to one of their own kind.

  1. Why does the poet wish to live with animals?

OR With whom could the poet live and why?

Ans:- The poet wishes to live with animals because he finds something attractive qualities among animals. They are peaceful and self-contained.

  1. ‘ I think I could turn and live with the animals’ – What is the poet turning from?

Ans:- The poet wants to turn away from the life of humans to a more satisfied and self-contained life of the animals.

  1. How do animals accept their condition?

Ans:- They accept their condition without sweat and whine.



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