1. Who was Valliammai ?

Ans: Valliammai was an eight years old girl. Her nick name was Valli.

  1. What was Valli’s favourite pastime?

Ans: Valli’s favourite pastime  was standing in the front doorway of her house, watching the happenings in the street outside.

  1. What was the source of unending joy for Valli ?

Ans: The sight of the bus that travelled to the town filled each time with a new set of passengers was a source of unending joy for Valli.

  1. What was Valli’s tiny wish ?

Ans: Valli’s tiny wish was to ride the bus at least once.

  1. What was the English term that Valli used when she became jealous ?

Ans: She  used the term Proud, Proud when she became  jealous.

  1. How did Valli pick up various small details about the bus journey ?

Ans: Valli gathered various small details about the bus journey by listening to the conversation between her neighbours and people who used to travel in the bus.

7.How far was the town from Valli’s village ?

Ans: The town was six miles away from valli’s village.

  1. How much time would the trip to the town take?

Ans: It took only forty five minutes.

9.What was the fare of the bus ?

Ans: The bus fare was thirty paisa from Valli’s village to the town.

  1. How much money did Valli save for her first journey?

Ans: Valli saved sixty paisa for her first journey.

  1. Why did the conductor address Valli madam ?

Ans: The conductor called Valli Madam because she behaved like an aged and experienced woman .

  1. Describe the bus in which Valli was travelling.

Ans: It was a new bus painted a gleaming white in its outside and some green stripes along sides. Inside the bus , the overhead bars shone like silver. The seats were soft and comfortable.

  1. Why did Valli stand up on the seat ?

Ans: Valli’s view was cut off by a canvas blind that was covered the lower part of her window. So she stood up on her seat to enjoy the outside view.

  1. Why did n’t Valli get off the bus at the bus station ?

Ans: Valli did not get off the bus at the bus station because she was afraid of going outside alone in the town first time.

  1. What was Valli’s deepest desire?

Ans: Valli’s deepest desire was to ride on the bus that regularly travelled between her village and the nearest town.

16.What sort of temptation did Valli check ?

Ans: Valli checked the temptation to buy balloons, toys and peppermints. She also checked the temptation to ride on the merry go round at the village fair.

  1. What did Valli mother do after lunch?

Ans: After lunch Valli’s mother would nap from about one to four or so .

  1. Where was Valli’s first excursion to ?

Ans: Valli’s first excursion was to the nearest town by bus .

  1. What made Valli sad ?

Ans: Valli was sad to see the cow dead on the road. The memory of the dead cow dampened her enthusiasm.

  1. What was the most fascinating thing for Valli ?

Ans: The most fascinating thing for Valli was the bus that travelled to the nearest town with new set of passengers .

  1. How did Valli save the money?

Ans: Valli saved the money from her pocket money by not spending on balloons,  toys,  peppermints etc.


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