1. Where did Belinda live?

Ans: Belinda lived in a little white house.

  1. Who were Belinda’s companion ?

Ans: Her companion included a little kitten, a grey mouse, a yellow dog and a pet dragon.


  1. Who was Custard ?

Ans: Custard was Belinda’s pet dragon who lived with Belinda in a little white house.

  1. Who are Ink and Blink ?

Ans: Ink is the name of a cat and the Blink is a little grey mouse who lived  with Belinda in a little white house.

  1. Describe the pirate who appeared in Belinda’s house.

Ans: The pirate held  a pistol in his left hand and another pistol in right hand and also had a cutlass held tightly between his teeth. His one leg was  made of wood.

  1. Why did custard jump up ?

Ans : Custard jumped up at the sight of the Pirate who had entered the home through the window .

  1. Who were the pets of Belinda?

Ans: A kitten, a mouse, a little dog and a dragon were the pets of Belinda.

  1. What did the custard cry for ?

Ans: Custard cried for nice and safe cage.

  1. How brave was Belinda ?

Ans: Belinda was as brave as a barrel full of bears.

  1. Who is Percival ?

Ans: Belinda called her pet dragon Percival.

  1. What happened to the pirate?

Ans: The custard dragon killed and ate up the pirate.


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