The following question are taken from the last year’s final exam of HSLC which is conducted by SEBA board of Assam, 2018. These are the Social Science question 2018 .Soon.. We will provide answers of these questions. It is very necessary for a HSLC candidate to know about that how he have to prepare. And also necessary to know what is the pattern of final questions. So we are providing the Previous Year questions in a easy and suitable manner so that one can understand easily, Read easily and the most important feature is one can get every where and any time whenever you need. We are trying to provide more previous years questions like 2017,16,15 etc. We are trying our label best. Our answer are written by some expert teachers.

Social Science Previous Year Questions- 2018



1. During the course of which movement did Gandhi give the slogan ‘Do or Die’ ?

(a) The Civil Disobedience Movement

(b) The Non-Cooperation Movement

(c) The Quit India Movement

(d) The Khilafat Movement.

2. Who was hanged along with Maniram Dewan?

(a) Jeuram Duliya Barua

(b) Piyali Barua

(c) Gomadhar Kanwar

(d) Dutiram Barua

3. Where was the first session of the Assam Association held in 1905 ?

(a) In Sibsagar

(b) In Jorhat

(c) In Dibrugarh

(d) In Golaghat

4. The preparation of molasses (Gur) from sugarcane is one of the contributions to Indian culture and civilization of the-

(a) Austrics

(b) Negroes

(c) Dravids

(d) Mongoloids

5.Which one of the following is man-made resource?

(a) Forest

(b) Irrigation

(c) Rivers

(d) Mineral oil

6. Acid rain generally occurs in

(a) polar regions

(b) Forest areas

(c) Industrial areas

(d) Grassland areas

7. Physically the continent of Europe is separated from Asia by the

(a) Karakoram Mountain Range and the Black Sea

(b) Himalayan Mountin Range and the Amur River

(c) Ural Mountain Range and the Ural River

(d) Rocky Mountain Range and the Lena River

8. At present, the total number of National Parks including Kaziranga in Assam is

(a) 10

(b) 5

(c) 20

(d) 6

9, Who presided over the first sitting of the Constituent Assembly of India?

(a) Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

(b) N. Gopalaswami

(c) Dr. Sacchidananda Sinha

(d) Syed Mohammed Sadulla

10, Which one of the following Central Banks is the world’s oldest Central Bank?

(a) Bank of Hindustan

(b) Risk Bank of Sweden

(c) Reserve Bank of India

(d) Bank of Venice




11. Write the two terms of the Gandhi-Irwin Pact of 1931.

12. Write the names of two small pictorial books written in ‘Sanchipat’ in Assam.

13. Write the names of two architectural set-up of India which are declared as World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.



Write the names of two scientists in ancient India

14. Write briefly how the national industries of Bengal developed during Swadeshi Movement.



Briefly describe the role of women in Swadeshi Movement.

15. What were the First Point of the Four-Point Programme on Partition of Bengal declared by Lord Curzon?

16. Give a brief account of the role of Maniram Dewan in the Revolt of 1857.



Write a brief note on the Peasants’ Revolt of Rangia.

17. What are the three main styles of Indian sculptures?



What are the main divisions made for the ancient Indian architectural sct-up?

18. Give an account of the Jorhat Sarbojanik Sabha.



Give an account of the activities and influence of the ‘Quit India Movement’ in Assam.

19. Write about the causes of the pitiable condition of the peasants and the people who were engaged in cottage industries during the British rule in Assam.

20. What were the main causes of the Civil Disobedience Movement ? Discuss how Gandhi started this movement.



On what circumstances did Mahatma Gandhi start the Non-Violence Movement? What were its agenda? Why did Gandhi stop this movement?

21. Give a bricf description about the educational institutions established in Assam under the leadership of Bordoloi Ministry.



22. What is meant by resource ? Mention any one of its main characteristics.



What is the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources?

23. Which is the world’s largest desert and where is it located?

24. Write the names of two countries of Europe located in the Mediterranean region.

25. What is global warming? Write how to control global warming.



Mention three major causes of environmental change.

26. Discuss bricfly the relation among the four major components of the earth’s environment.

27. Write in brief about the organizations associated with resource conservation and their role.

28. Give four reasons why industrial development is still very slow in Assam.’



Mention any four problems of tourism in Assam.

29. Describe briefly the continental drift theory.

30. Mention the different streams of human migration into Assanm sequentially since the ancient times to the present.



Discuss briefly the causes responsible for variation in the distribution of population in Assam with suitable examples.

31. Draw a sketch map of Assam and locate the following with name:
(a) A Coalfield (b) An Integrated Infrastructural Development Centre (c) A Medical College



(For Blind Candidates only )

Write about the tea industry of Assam in brief.



32. Write two demerits associated with money

33. Write two main functions of National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)

34. Who are the members of NITI Aayog?



What is economic planning? Mention the period of the ‘First Five-Year Plan’ of India.

35. Write the names of the Headquarters of the following International Organizations (a) South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) (b) International Cricket Council (ICC)

36. Write a note on the National Human Rights Commission of India.

37. Mention the main points of difference between the first phase of planning in India (beginning to 1990-91) and the second phase (1991-92 to the present)



Briefly discuss about the three indicators of human development.

38. Discuss the characteristics of the Indian Federal System.



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