Preposition | SEBA | HSLC | ASSAM | CLASS 10

Choose the right preposition from those given in brackets:

A. H.S.L.С. 1996

(i) The prisoner was accused _______ murder. (for/of/on)

(ii) The poor man died _______ cancer. (of / from /in)

(iii) Flour is made _______ wheat. (of / from/ with)

(iv) We are proud ________ our country. (for / with /of)

(v) I wrote the note ______ ink. (with / in / by)

Ans.:- (i) of, (ii) of, (iii) from, (iv) of, (v) in

B. H.S.L.C. 1997

(i) Please send a reply ______ my letter. (to / of / for)

(ii) I shall look ______ the complaint. (for / about / into)

(iii) The Principal presided ______ the meeting. (over / at / in)

(iv) My father was angry _______ my failure. (for / at / in)

(v) I cannot part _____ this book. (with / from / of)

(vi) We all sympathize ______ the poor man. (for / about / with)

Ans.:- (i) to, (ii) into, (ii) over, (iv) at, (v) with, (vi) with

C. H.S.L.C. 1998

(i) Do not boast ______ your wealth. (of / in / for)

(ii) The lame man lives ______ begging. (with / from / by)

(ii) He often suffers ______ illness. (in / from / with)

(iv) I bought this pen ______ five rupees. (by / for / with)

(v) Shoes are made _____ leather. (of / from/ with)

(vi) The student was sure ______ success. (to / in / of)

Ans.:- (i) of, (ii) by, (iii) from, (iv) for, (v) of, (vi) of

D. H.S.L.C. 1999

(i) I warned him _______ driving so fast. (for / on / against)

(ii) The blind man lives ______ begging. (by / with / on)

(ii) Always beware ______ false friends. (from / of / with)

(iv) A greedy man hankers ______ money. (after / for / in)

(v) He sent the letter _______ hand. (by / with / in)

(iv) The tiger lives _____ flesh. (by / on / with)

Ans.(i) against, (ii) by, (iii) of, (iv) after, (v) by, (vi) on

E. H.S.L.С. 2000

(i) The ship was bound ______ India. (to / off / for)

(ii) Virtue consists ______ speaking the truth. (in / of / on)

(ii) I was amazed _______ his conduct. (at / by / in)

(iv) She is gifted ______ a sweet voice. (of / to / with)

(v) I can not agree ______ your proposal. (at / to / with)

(vi) I have great regard _______ my teachers. (for / in / to)

Ans.(i) for, (ii) of, (ii) at, (iv) with, (v) to, (vi) to

G. H.S.L.C. 2002

(i) I am satisfied _______ your work. (by / with / at)

(ii) The boy was charged _______ with stealing. (for / of / with)

(iii) You should be polite _____ your seniors. (to / with / for)

(iv) I have a distaste ______ pop music. (in / for / of)

Ans. (i) at, (ii) with, (iii) to, (iv) for

H. H.S.L.C. 2003

(i) Gandhi was convicted ______ lying. (of / for / to)

(ii) The labourer lives ______ hand to mouth. (by / from / for)

(ii) I warned him ________ driving so fast. (of / from / against)

(iv) Always beware ______ false friends. (from / at / of)

(v) Great books deal _______ human problems. (of / with / in)

(vi) The teacher was annoyed ______ me. (at / from/ with)

Ans. (i) of, (ii) from, (iii) against, (iv) of, (v) with (vi) with

I. H.S.L.C. 2004

(i) Socrates had no desire ______ wealth or comfort. (for / of / towards)

(i) Pay attention _______ what your teacher says. (at / in / to)

(iii) He is satisfied _______ his job. (at / with / in)

(iv) I am indebted ________ you are your help. (with / of / to)

(v) Assam is rich _______ minerals. (in / for / with)

(vi) One should be conscious _______ one’s faults. (about / of / at)

Ans : (i) for, (ii) to, (iii) with, (iv) to, (v) in, (vi) of

J. H.S.L.C. 2005

(i) Man does not live _______ bread alone. (on / for / by)

(ii) There is an exception _______ every rule. (on / to / in)

(iii) You should not boast ______ your wealth. (of / in / for)

(iv) Mr. Sarma presided _________ the meeting. (on / at / over)

(v) She prefers tea _______ cold drinks. (for / than / to)

(vi) Nobody in the class could compete ________ Raja. (against/with/to)

Ans: (i) by, (ii) to, (ii) of, (iv) over, (v) to, (vi) with

K. Н.S.L.C. 2006

(a) I can not part _______ this book. (with / of / from)

(b) I was surprised _______ his behaviour. (with / by / at)

(c) He will come back ________ an hour. (by / at / in)

(d) The lame man lives ________ begging. (by/with/or)

(e) Do not run _________ money.(for / after / at)

(f) She was tired _________ waiting for him (with / by / of)

Ans : (a) with, (b) at, (c) in, (d) by, (e) after, (f) of

L. H.S.L.C. 2007

(a) The train is bound ________ Howrah. (to / at / for)

(b) One should not boast _______ one’s wealth. (of / for / at)

(c) My sister excels _______ dancing. (at / in / by)

(d) That man is devoid _________ common sense. (of / in / from)

(e) This film is suitable ________ children. (to / with / for)

(f) The girl parted _______ her parents in tears. (with / from / by)

Ans (a) for, (b) of, (c) in, (d) of, (e) for, (f) with.

M. H.S.L.C. 2008

(a) Do not boast _______ your wealth. (for, of, in)

(b) The ship was bound ________ India. (to, for, of)

(c) He goes to school ________ bus. (in, by, with)

(d) He has been suffering _______ fever. (with, by, from)

(e) Assam is rich _________ minerals. (with, for, in)

(f) I prefer tea ______ cold drinks. (to, from, than)

Ans (a) of, (b) for, (c) by, (d) from, (e) in, (f) to.

N. H.S.L.C. 2009

(a) Shoes are made _________ leather. (with / of / by)

(b) I can not agree _______ your proposal. (to / with / on)

(c) The man repented _______ his past misdeeds. (for / at / of)

(d) She is gifted ________ a sweet voice. (by / of / with)

(e) Man does not live _______ bread alone. (on / by / for)

(f) Always beware _______ false friends. (with / from / of)

Ans : (a) of, (b) to, (c) of, (d) with, (e) by, (f) of.

O. H.S.L.C. 2010

(a) What is the time _______ your watch? (in / on / by)

(b) This is a quotation _______ Milton.(of / from / by)

(c) You should provide well ________ your children. (for / to / of)

(d) He has yet recovered _________ illness. (by / of / from)

(e) He sympathized ________ me in my sorrow. (to / with / for)

(f) The old man is hard ________ hearing. (of / for / in)

Ans : (a) by (b) from (c) for (d) from (e) with (f) of

Р. Н.S.L.С. 2011

(a) There was a noise of children _______ play. (in / on / at)

(b) Her mother is _______ he town council. (in / on / over)

(c) The teacher knows his students _______ name. (with / by / for)

(d) Babysitters are a boon ________ parents. (for / upon / to)

Ans.:- (a) at (b) on (c) by (d) to

Q. H.S.L.C. 2012

(a) I met him ________ the street. (in / at / on)

(b) Please pay attention ________ your studies. (for / to / on)

(c) He is an authority _______ science. (of / for / in)

(d) The teacher is in full control ________ the class. (of / over / in)

Ans.:- (a) on, (b) to, (c) in, (d) over

R. H.S.L.C. 2014

(i) Happiness consists _______ speaking the truth. (of / in / for)

(ii) One should be honest _________ dealing with fellowmen. (on / in / at)

(ii) She is looking __________ a domestic help. (to / in / for)

(iv) The burden seemed too much _________ him. (to / for / on)

Ans. : (i) In (ii) In (ii) for (iv) for

H.S.L.C 2015

a.Health is preferable__________wealth. (than, for, to)
b.He is angry _______ his naughty sister. (at, with, upon)
Ans : (a) Health is preferable to wealth.
(b) He is angry with his naughty sister.

H.S.L.C 2016

a. The cow lives_______grass.(by/from/on)
b. He lives ______ hand to mouth. (on/ from/ by)
c.He is appointed_______the post. (in /to/at)
d. She is junior______me by three years. (to / from/ than)
Ans : (a) on (b) from (c) to (d) to

HSLC 2017

a.We go to school_________bus. (in/with/by)
b.I am senior_____your sister.( than/to/from)
c.The Principal presided___the meeting. (in/over/at)
d. She excels________dancing (at/in/by)
Ans : (a) by (b)to (c) over (d)in

HSLC 2018

a.He always runs______money. (at/ for/ after)
b.Flour is made_______wheat. (of/ from/ with)
c.Write yours answers__________black ink. (with/ by/ in)
d.The cow lives_______grass. (on/ upon/ with)
Ans : (a) after (b)of (c) in (d)on

HSLC 2019

(a) This train is bound_______Delhi. (to/upon/for)
b) Assam is rich___ minerals. (for fin/ about)
(c) I met him___ the street. (in/ on/upon)
(d) Happiness consists_____speaking the truth. (of/in/at)
Ans. (a) for (b)in (c) on (d)in

HSLC 2021

(a) The old man died —– Covid-19.   (from /of/in)

Ans. OF

(b) Death is preferable —– dishonour.   (than /to/of)

Ans. TO

(e) Mina comes —–  a rich family.   (of/ with/from)


(d) Butter is made —– milk.  (of/from/with)


HSLC 2022

(a) They are sitting —– the dining table.   (on/at/ upon)

Ans. AT

(b) Ravi is senior —— me by two years.  (from / than/to)

Ans. TO

(c) He was prevented —– going to Delhi.  (for/from/with)


(d) Flour is made —– wheat.  (from /by / with)




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