In-Text Question and Answer

1. Why should a magnesium ribbon be cleaned before burning in air?
2. Write a balanced equations for the following chemical reactions.
i) Hydrogen + Chloride —-> Hydrogen chloride
ii) Barium chloride + Aluminium sulphate –> Barium sulphate + Aluminium chloride
iii) Sodium + Water —-> Sodium hydroxide + Hydrogen
3. Write a balanced chemical equation with state symbols for the following reactions
i) Solutions of Barium chloride and Sodium sulphate in water react to give insoluble Barium sulphate and solution of Sodium chloride.
ii) Sodium hydroxide solution in water reacts with hydrochloric acid solution to produce Sodium chloride solution and water.
4. A solution of a substance ‘X’ is used for whitewashing.
(i) Name the substance ‘X’ and write its formula.
(ii) Write the reaction of the substance ‘X’ named in (i) above with water.
5. Why is the amount of gas collected in one of the test tubes in Activity 1.7 double of the amount collected in the other? Name this gas
6. Why does the colour of copper sulphate solution change when an iron nail is dipped in it?
7. Give an example of a double displacement reaction other than the one given in Activity 1.10.
8. Identify the substances that are oxidized and that are reduced in the following equation.
i) 4Na(s) + O2(g) → 2Na2O(s)
ii) CuO(s) + H2(g) → Cu(s) + H2O(l)


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