Narration Question Bank-SEBA HSLC Narration Questions

SEBA stands for Secondary Education Board of Assam. In this post, we tried to provide all previous years Narration Questions  of SEBA conducted by SEBA board of Assam.  It is very necessary for an HSLC candidate to know how to prepare and what to prepare… And also necessary to know what will be the pattern of question paper. So we are providing the Previous Year questions in an easy and suitable manner so that one can understand easily, Read easily.One and Only Aim of our Website is to help all aspirants of SEBA HSLC Examination 2020.

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1. H.SL.C.1996

(i) He said to me, “Where is your book?”

Ans. :-He asked me where my book was.

(ii) I replied that I had lost that.

Ans. :-I said, “I have lost it.”


2. H.S.L.C. 1997

(i) He said to me, “I know you.”

Ans.:- He told me that he knew me.

(ii) He asked me if I could help him.

Ans. :-He said to me, “Can you help me ?”


3. H.S.L.C. 1998

(G) Arun said, “I do not know this boy.”

Ans. :-Arun said that he did not know that boy

(ii) I asked the boy if he had answered all the questions.

Ans. :-I said to the boy, “Did you answer all the questions?”


4. H.S.L.C. 1999

(i) I made some money yesterday”, Anil said.

Ans.:- Anil said that he had made some money the day before.

(ii) Raju told me that he would meet me the next day.

Ans.:-  Raju said to me, I shall meet you tomorrow.


5. H.S.L.C. 2000

(i) Anita said to Ravi, Please lend me your pen.

Ans.:- Anita requested Ravi to lend her his pen.

(ii) The boy told me that his father would meet me soon

Ans.:- The boy said to me, “My father will meet you soon.”


6. H.S.L.C. 2001

(i) He said to me, “Lend me your book for today.”

Ans.:- He asked me to lend him my book for that day

(ii) He said to me, “You will be tired before you arrive.”

Ans.:- He told me that I would be tired before I arrived

(iii) Ram asked me if I had a car.

Ans.:-  Ram said to me, “Do you have a car?”

(iv) The old man wished that I might be happy

Ans.:- The old man said, “May you be happy.”


7. H.S.L.C. 2002

(i) He said to me, “When did you buy this book?”

Ans.:- He asked me when I had bought that book.

(ii) I said, “I bought it yesterday.”

Ans.:- I replied (or, said) that I had bought it the day before.

(ii) Ravi thanked me for my help.

Ans.:- Ravi said to me, “Thank you for your help.”

(iv) The old man prayed that God might help me.

Ans.:- The old man said to me, “May God helps you.”


8. H.S.L.C. 2003

(i) Mohan said to Hari, “Can I borrow a hundred rupees from you ?”

Ans.:- Mohan asked Hari if he could borrow a hundred rupees from him.

(ii) Hari replied that he had no money to lend him.

Ans.:- Hari said, “I have no money to lend you.”

(iii) “Can you ride a bicycle? I asked Gita.

Ans.:- I asked Gita if she could ride a bicycle

(iv) The teacher said, “The earth is round.”

Ans.:- The teacher said that the earth is round.


9. H.S.L.C. 2004

(i) The teacher said to me, “Don’t neglect your studies.'”

Ans.:- The teacher advised me not to neglect my studies.

(ii) The doctor said to her, “Can you buy the medicines?”

Ans.:- The doctor asked her if she could buy the medicines.

(iii) The Headmaster asked me who I was.

Ans.:- The Headmaster said to me, “Who are you?”

(iv) He told his wife that he might be late.

Ans.:- He said to his wife, “I may be late.”


10. H.S.L.C. 2005

(i) “I made some money yesterday”, he said to Hari

Ans.:- He told Hari that he had made some money the day before.

(i) Mohan said that he goes for a walk every morning.

Ans.:- Mohan said, “I go for a walk every morning.


11. H.S.L.C. 2006

(a) The boy said, “Sir, please explain the poem once more.”

Ans : (a) The boy requested the teacher to explain the poem once more.

(b) The teacher said that he would do that the next day

Ans.:- The teacher said, “I shall do it tomorrow.


12. H.S.L.C. 2007

(a) He said to them, “Good-bye, my friends!”

Ans .:- Addressing them as friends he wished good-bye to

(b) I said to her, “Do you want my help?”

Ans.:-  I asked her whether/if she wanted my help.

13. H.S.L.C. 2008

(a) The teacher said, “Honesty is the best policy”

Ans.:- The teacher said that honesty is the best policy.

(b) Anita said, “I do not know the boy.”

Ans.:- Anita said that she did not know the boy.


14. H.S.L.C. 2009

(a) The lady said to the man, “I don’t know you.”

Ans.:- The lady told the man that she did not know him.

(b) She asked him to keep quiet.

Ans.:- She said to him, “Keep quiet.”


15. H.S.L.C. 2010

(a)The lady said to me, “I will tell you my story”.

Ans.:-  The lady told me that she would tell me her story.

(b) I told her that I had no time for that.

Ans.:- I said to her, “I have no time for this.”


16. H.S.L.C. 2011

(a) The mechanic said, “I will repair your car tomorrow

Ans.:- The mechanic said that he would repair my car the next day

(b) The teacher enquired of the pupil if he had done his homework.

Ans.:- The teacher said to the pupil, “Have you done your homework?


17. H.S.L.C. 2012

(a) He said, “Honesty is the best policy”.

Ans.:- He said that honesty is the best policy

(b) He said that he takes bath in the Brahmaputra every morning.

Ans.:- He said, “I take bath in the Brahmaputra every morning.”


18. H.S.L.C. 2013

(a) She said, ”The water is boiling.”

Ans.:-She said that the water was boiling.

(b) Mira said that her mother had been suffering from fever.

Ans.:- Mira said, “My mother has been suffering from fever”


19. H.S.L.C. 2014

(i) He told her not to disturb him

Ans.:- He said to her, “Don’t disturb me.”

(ii) Mother said to me, “Don’t tell a lie.”

Ans.:- Mother told me not to tell a lie.


20. H.S.L.C. 2015

(i) “What a beautiful building!”, he said.

Ans.:- He exclaimed with strange that it was a beautiful building.

(ii) She proposed that we should go for a walk.

Ans.:- She said,” Let’s go for a walk.”


21. H.S.L.C. 2016

(I) “Can you drive a car?” I said to Rahim.

Ans.:- I asked Rahim if he could drive a car.

(II) The stranger asked me if I could tell the way of the post office.

Ans.:- The stranger said to me, “Can you tell me the way of the post office.


22. H.S.L.C. 2017

(i) Anita said, ”I do not know the boy”.

Ans.:- Anita told that she didn’t know the boy.

(ii) Rahim said that his mother had been suffering from fever.

Ans.:- Rahim said,” My mother has been suffering from fever.”

H.S.L.C 2018
(a) Rahim said to me, “Do you know the man standing at the gate?”
(b) The young man told me that he had come from Jorhat to work in Guwahati.
(a) Rahim asked me if I knew the man standing at the gate.
(b) The young man said to me,” I came from Jorhat to work in Guwahati.”

H.S.L.C 2019
(a) She asked me why the teacher had punished me.
(b). Anita said to Ravi, “Please lend. me your pen.”
(a) She said to me, “Why did the teacher punish you?”
(b) Anita requested Ravi to lend her his pen.



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